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Beech Wood Sunglasses


Wooden Sunglasses by Mitchell-Made

 At Mitchell-Made, we’re proud of the work we do to help bring you the finest wooden sunglasses assembled here in Canada. With a passion for aesthetic appeal as well as vintage designs that helps you look classy and cool, we make sure you’re left with shades that work for all occasions.

With a classical design that comes with a snappy twist, our Canadian wooden sunglasses will make sure you can enjoy a range of unisex shades that look good on just any facial structure.


Why Should I Choose Wooden Sunglasses?

 -Wood is a strong, sturdy and natural finish that looks outstanding. Free from toxicity, its’ great for those with sensitive and easily damaged skin.

-Also, it’s one of the most durable materials that we can use for sunglasses.

-From top quality woods like ebony and maple, we make sure to use wood that lasts.

-We also deliver all of our shades using high quality polarized lenses that offer 100% UV protection. Now, your eyes are much less likely to be irritated and damaged long-term.

-This helps to keep the strain on the eyes caused by sunlight and reflections to a minimum.

-We also utilize full anti-scratch treatment to help keep those lenses alive for the long term.

-Each pair is handcrafted to carry a top-rated finish that carries a formidable, fashionable feel.

-Spring-loaded hinges make sure you are left with comfortable shades that never snap. -Shipped directly to you, also, we’ll make sure you can start to look suave right away!

-They come in a stylish leather hard case for easy storage and presentation.

-You also get high quality microfiber cleaning equipment to keep those glasses glittering!

-Sizing 54-21-145 mm

 Our Promise to You

At Mitchell-Made, we make sure we deliver top quality Canadian wooden sunglasses that look outstanding. However, we want you to feel as comfortable as you can when making the purchase. This is why we provide a 100% no-hassle, no-questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days. Simply check out our return instructions on! Canadian Sunglasses by Mitchell-Made your Wooden Sunglasses Co. with FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the US.