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Our Plastic Sunglasses Are Virtually Indestructible

Along with style, Mitchell-Made Sunglasses offer a thermoplastic material which is the most lightweight & impact resistant in the market.  They offer the industry's most advanced heat resistant plastic making them strong, flexible, rugged and durable.   Watch me drive over my Sunglasses with a Dodge Ram 1500 without even breaking them. 

Lifetime Warranty

No worries, we have you covered.  We work with the best manufacturers in the industry and we stand by our products 100%.  If your sunglasses ever have a manufacturing issue or a problem that should not occur with normal use, we will replace your sunglasses at no cost to you for life.    

Premium Lenses

Our Mirrored Lenses & Premium (Tri-acetate-Cellulose) Polarized lenses are known in the optical world as a lens material that delivers clarity and durability.   Polarized lenses contain a film to filter reflective light from surfaces such as roads, water and snow.  They are lightweight and come with an anti-scratch coating and edged here in Canada.

The Benefits Of Wood

DURABLE-  Wood is one of the most durable materials on this planet.  Hardwoods like maple,walnut and ebony maintain their shape and custom fitting to your face for years.

NATURAL-  Wood is a pure and natural material, therefore non-toxic.  Woods do not cause skin allergies.

LONGEVITY-  Wood lasts for years.

LIGHTWEIGHT-  All our sunglasses and optical frames are lightweight and come with a comfort guarantee.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY-  Created only from sustainable sources, wood products emit less carbon dioxide than any other materials manufactured.

UNIQUE-  They have a classy and distinct look that is totally awesome!