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The Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses

September 20, 2018

The Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses

The Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses by

Wooden sunglasses by Mitchell-Made

DURABLE-  Wood is one of the most durable materials on this planet.  Hardwoods like maple,walnut and ebony maintain their shape and custom fitting to your face for years.
NATURAL-  Wood is a pure and natural material, therefore non-toxic.  Woods do not cause skin allergies.
LONGEVITY-  Wood lasts for years.
LIGHTWEIGHT-  All our sunglasses and optical frames are lightweight and come with a comfort guarantee.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY-  Created only from sustainable sources, wood products emit less carbon dioxide than any other materials manufactured.
UNIQUE-  They have a classy and distinct look that is totally awesome!

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